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The Kite Festival – I Need a Cording Foot!

So Rod calls me, he says, “I need a cording foot.”

So, I’m scrounging around looking for one… and not to be found.

“Uhm, Why?”

“Well,” Rod says, “My wife wrote on Facebook that we would have our inflatable Bear Kite at the sewing festival this weekend… And people told me I have to have a cording foot.”

“Oh, well, I can probably get one tomorrow.  The only other place I know to get one is at Montavilla Sewing.”

“Yeah, I know. I just didn’t want to drive there.  My wife just bought a hole bunch of hair and put it on the kite… so I am now committed to finishing this kite.  We’re leaving tomorrow so that won’t do.”

Well, I was able to get a cording foot from a sewing center.

He was pretty happy.

I told him “You better get lots of pictures of this Flying Hairy Bear.

He said, “I always do.”