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Sew Who Doesn’t Like Travel?

August 6, 2012 Leave a comment

What kind of day are you having?

Some days I’m having heat days.  Other days are chocolate days.

I even love the strawberry shake days.  Those are my favorite.

Now I spend a lot of time on Facebook.  (oh, come join me there if you’d like

… and I remember about six months ago when they began switching over the profile pages that the new marketing would be – not video marketing nor blogging – but picture marketing.

And I’m the type that “If your idea can fit on a bumper sticker or picture… you really need to get out more.”

But I’ve changed.

A picture can bring more than a 1000 words.

I have a friend Lesley Carter.

She is putting together a blog linking system so if I post a link to her blog … she’ll post to mine and we can rank higher in Google.  Funny how Google decides what is worthwhile.

Anyway, She travels the world and blogs and posts pictures of herself playing with dolphins, skydiving, rafting, mushing Huskys in Alaska or lounging in some of the most exotic of locations… And yes, I’m totally jealous.

Also, I see the picture and I am carried away to a travel day… where I am walking in the moist breezes of the Riviera, or climbing an anchient Mayan ruin on Dec 21st 2012 (lol)… all to say, sometimes nature can capture our hearts in a way words rarely can.

Life is a beautiful story.

And when we capture a scene… it brings out a little bit of lost Eden from our desires.

I have to say I love Lesley (and many others) in a non- well you know – way, because they have  captured slices of beauty, story, romance, adventure, art, poetry in a picture.  And I am captured.

I long to communicate my wisdom as simply as that.

Do you long to create a quilt or baby blanket that will be treasured in the family for 5 generations or longer… until it is tattered and worn beyond repair?

Oh, yes… please.

If you can bring your art into another’s sentiments… then you have something of greatness.

You have… pizza.


still giggling.

no, seriously…

It is wondrous to know that a moment of our creativity can immortalize us for ages.

Lesley is not alone in the travel/beauty pursuit.

She simply found this blog and liked an article… and I traced her back to her adventures was caught up in them as well and ta da… friends can be born and links shared and the dreaded Google tension relieved.  Actually, I don’t really care about popularity anymore… at least not in sewing blog.   I simply enjoy the outlet for writing.

And sew… there may be more pictures in the future.

But I hope you caught something of the wisdom shared… in words.

bring the beauty inside you to life.

Share your passion and art with everyone you meet.  Don’t be shy…  in a way it’s your glory.

Many blessings to you.


PS.  check out some of the cool things Lesley has done… and follow her if you resonate with her.

PSS  and like this or better comment (Google loves comments) and who knows who may follow after you and help bring LIFE to them or you.



Thinking of marketing your clothes or other things online? Then this video series is

Totally for YOU

Where Do U Want 2 Sell?

So, I have found a number of very cool sewers who have and are making a living sewing all on their own.  I’ll be getting some interviews from them soon.

But for those of you who have no clue about how to market, promote, make money online much less sell  your stuff… then this is for you.

This is a group of guys who are some serious 8 figure annual income earners who are putting out an awesome product right now.  This thing ends Aug 1st.

There are 4 content videos that are amazing and I get a lot out of them… and if you do nothing but watch the four intro videos, you’ve probably know more than 50% of internet marketers.

check it

The second video will tell you what it takes to make it in today’s world.

I’m amazed and I thought I knew a lot.

And that they have over $35,ooo in bonuses that are awesome helpful marketing tips (for a $499 product this is unheard of)

I got it just for one of the bonuses that I really want (comment on the post and I’ll tell you which one it is) and everything including the course is ice cream on the top.

Anyway, it closes Aug 1st.  So, if  you are looking at this page after the date… sorry.


But they will open it again sometime in December.  The problem is that it’ll be a $2,ooo product then.

Not sure if this is the direction you’re taking but it’s a great opportunity if you ever wanted to take control over the internet, work with some really cool fun people, or know all the doodads that make marketing work in today’s world.

Many blessings to you.


PS  And watch the first 2 videos… they are amazing and free.