My name is Scott and I’m around people who sew all the time.

Actually, it has gotten me to start sewing and get lost in all the jargon with all the feet, machines, types of stitches etc… that I decided to write a little blog about what I find out.

The problem is that though sewing is lots of fun, it’s not really a community thing.  And when we are not in community with advanced people sharing tips, tricks and helpful hints… then we have to discover them all by ourselves.

And that is not as much fun.

So you are getting some good gleenings from people in the know, who sew and love to tell stories about the little things that make sewing easier.

Please comment on any and everything… and like it or share on Facebook.  I’m not getting paid for anything here… but would love to have some influence… gets me into events for free. 🙂

And if you have any ideas or topics you would like to learn about please drop me a note at scott.coombe@facebook.com

Thanks and many blessings

Happy sewing


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