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Quilters… I need you…


So, I was talking to this gal today, Tracy.  She was buying a new machine (a nice Janome 3160) to take home.  I asked her “What do you like to sew?”

She smiled, “All I do is quilt.”

She then went on how the old machine she has now has all kinds of noise and clanking and she’s scared it’s not going to make it.

Now, she didn’t want to talk much but I was just left wondering… why would someone just want to quilt?

So, I know a few of you are quilters out there.

And I know there are some honorable events to quilt for like the Quilts of Valor, or church Christmas giveaways etc.

But I still can’t understand the value in spending all your time and all those materials and figuring out all those patterns to a frustrating level… and only want to do quilts.

I have asked a few in the past and they just say, “Yeah.”

Hey, I have a problem simply doing clothes patterns.

So, I want quilters to tell me why they love quilting.

Please, because I don’t get you.

I’m sorry if it seems like I am being negative, because I love looking at finished quilts.  I know you will never get a price for all the time and labor put into it… yet, still you beautiful people do it.”

And most of the time give it away.

blessings to you all.


And leave a comment on why you


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